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Hair Disorders

Alopecia is partial or complete loss of Hair from areas
of the body where it normally grows such as the scalp.
It could non scarring or scarring

Non Scarring Alopecia Reversible Hair Loss. The hair follicle remains intact. Hair loss can be due to various causes and can be revived with aid of medical treatments and procedures.
Scarring Alopecia These disorders destroy the hair follicle and replaces the follicle with a scar tissue causing permanent hair loss. Hair transplant becomes a sole resort, though with variable success rate.

  Hypertrichosis (excess hair growth)
  Hirsutism (female hormonal problem)
  Non Scarring Alopecia (reversible)
  Scarring Alopecia
Causes of Hair Fall :
 Androgenic alopecia (Male pattern Hair Loss/ Female pattern Hair Loss) [BALDING]
 Stress induced alopecia
 Emotional stress
 After surgery
 Liver or renal failure
 Iron and zinc deficiency
 Post pregnancy
 Severe illness malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid
 Starvation / crash diets / improper diets
Alopecia Areata

Autoimmune condition characterized by sudden & near complete loss of hair in one or more circular patches, affects children & young adults preferably.

Short, blunt - ended hairs, tapered at the base (exclamation point hair), may be seen near the margin of the alopecia.
Drug induced
 Anti-cancer treatment     /    Cholesterol lowering agents    /     Anticoagulant therapy
Developmental ( Aplasia Cutis Congenita)
Infection of the hair follicle
 Bacterial - Folliculitis
 Fungal Tinea capitis
 Viral Herpes Zoster
Trauma (burns, radiation, chemical injury or mechanical injury)
 Lichen planopilaris,
 Discoid Lupus Erythematosus,
 Classic pseudopelade (of Brocq)
Neoplastic (cancers) conditions
 Squamous cell carcinoma
 Basal cell carcinoma,
 Secondary metastases
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